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Beard & Lady Inn

Quiet your mind and awaken your soul at the historic Beard and Lady Inn. Host of Homegrown Native Foods in Chester, AR this hotel is the antidote for the status quo. There are no screens, but you can stay and read a book, ride a train, walk the creek, and send a postcard in our small post-office.

Offerings at Beard & Lady

Afternoon Light

Restoring Local History

Beard and Lady LLC was created by Lance and Lacey Hendrix as an apothecary inspired personal care and grooming product line.  In recent years, the company has expanded to renovate a historic hotel (the Beard and Lady Inn) and develop a "mercantile" styled storefront (the Apothecary) to carry its products, providing a unique Ozark experience.

Step Back in Time

Built in 1887, the Beard and Lady Inn began as The Chester Inn: a hotel and dry goods store. Over the years, the Inn has experienced growth and change. Designed to reflect and embrace its history and adventures, The Beard and Lady Inn offers guests a look into the past.

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