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About Homegrown

Where We Are Now!

Today, Homegrown Native Foods main focus is public education on foraging, fermenting, and culinary arts (see our "Foraging Walks" tab for more information). Through our foraging walks and classes, we highlight the beauty and flavor profile of Ozark-native plants. Our restaurant is permanently closed for business.

Paying homage to the first nations of the Ozarks (the Osage and the Quapaw), our foraging classes showcase plants and animals native to the Ozarks region. To ensure the continuation of these foods, we work with our local farms to protect and conserve their native habitats. Many plants are foraged from nearby forests and fields; harvests are only foraged when those plants are in abundance and their harvest will not disrupt, damage, or hinder the growth of those plants and/or the surrounding ecosystem. 

Our History!

Inspired by the beauty and delicious flavors of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas River Valley, Timothy and Nena Hammer established Homegrown Native Foods LLC on November 10, 2021 to showcase the unique flavors of the Ozark region through exciting culinary creations.​

On February 5, 2002, we opened our restaurant doors for service. Located on the main floor of the Beard and Lady Inn in Chester, AR, our restaurant supported the local farm economy by working directly with farmers in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley and supporting organic farm practices. We sought to source all of our ingredients locally and were constantly building our farmer network. Doing so allowed us to cut out the middleman, thereby increasing farmers' profits and ensuring the freshness and quality of our ingredients.

As of January 1, 2023, our main focus shifted to public education on foraging, fermenting, and culinary arts (see our "Foraging Walks" tab for more information). Our restaurant is permanently closed for business, but catering options are available (please visit our "Catering" tab for more information on our catering options).

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